The AMS RMX 16 is a vintage digital reverberation system launched in 1981. Since its release, it has become one of the most popular digital reverbs ever created, having been used on numerous top charting records.

Built by AMS audio engineer Mark Crabtree in 1981, the RMX16 was lightyears ahead of its time in terms of flexibility and customization. Unlike traditional reverb, digital reverb used used code and feedback delay circuits to emulate physical spaces, simulating a large series of echoes that decayed over time.

While there were units before the AMS RMX16 that emulated reverb digitally, the RMX16 was the first to do so with the addition of a microprocessor. Amongst other things, this meant that the unit could store and recall up to 99 user presets, a relatively new feat in the 1980s. It provided studios with access to a plethora of different reverb sounds and configurations at the touch of a button, all painstakingly designed. Peter Gabriel was AMX's first customer, and these days, you would be hard pressed to find a major recording studio without at least one RMX16 amongst their gear. 

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