Vintage Great British Spring dual channel reverb made in England by Bandive.

Used by the likes of Mark Wallis on U2’s The Joshua Tree in the ‘80s and more recently Tom Elhirst on Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black as well as Adele’s vocals on 19, the Bandive Great British Spring Reverb is an exceptionally simple yet extremely effective design based on a tensioned spring suspended in a tube similar to those used in household drainage systems.

The GBS has a good long reverb tail and sounds great with guitar - but we've found it really shines as a studio effect with whatever you put through it: keys, synths, vocals, loops etc.

These days, the Great British Springs are fairly hard to find and rather sought after, given their popularity brought by such big industry names. The units sound different from one another but they all work great on vocals, guitars and strings as they infuse their era-specific character onto the original sound source.

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