The Lexicon MPX1 is a multi effects processor introduced in 1996. Its technology offers instant access to individual effects within multi-effects patches, as well as the ability to run Lexicon's revered stereo reverb at all times.

Inside the MPX 1, Lexicon provides both their own proprietary Lexichip, dedicated to delivering the best Lexicon stereo reverb or ambience, in addition to another processor which can host other digital effects, as many as 4 stereo effects.

Six effect types are accessible in the MPX 1 at all times via dedicated, backlit buttons on the front panel. Each effect "block" is totally independent, with its own mix, level and bypass controls. The audio path through each effect is in stereo. Each block is capable of multiple, related effects. For instance, the chorus block can generate flanger, phaser, rotary cabinet, aerosol, centrifuge, orbits, and comb effects, in addition to chorus.

To complement the effects themselves, Lexicon has included a very comprehensive modulation section, including two LFO's, two attack/release envelope generators, a sample and hold generator, a random number generator and input level as a modulation source. Dynamic MIDI patching and MIDI automation, along with an "intelligent sorting" feature, balance analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, make the MPX 1 a very attractive effects processor at its particular price point.

Effects Type Multi (reverb, pitch and delay type effects)
Channels 2
Effect Variations 6
Presets 200
User Memory 50
Inputs 2 x XLR
2 x 1/4" TS phono
S/PDIF on RCA coaxial
Output 2 x XLR
2 x 1/4" TS phono
S/PDIF on RCA coaxial
AD/DA Conversion 24-bit, 44.1kHz sampling rate
MIDI In, Out, Thru
External Storage Sys-Ex
Display Custom LCD
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Dynamic Range A/D: >90dB typical
D/A: >95dB typical
Noise 95dB typical, A-weighted
Dimensions 1U rack, 9" deep
Weight 3 lbs
Specialties 1/4" TRS footswitch input for bypass or tap
Built-in help function available on any button

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