The Peavey Valverb is an all tube preamp and spring reverb/optical tremolo unit.

The all-tube Peavey Valverb contains two 12AX7 and one 12AT7 valves.

The reverb is rich, lush and sophisticated and is capable of incredibly rich and warm tones ranging from just a touch of spaciousness to utterly drenched and huge! It absolutely nails the wet, drippy surf sound and also works brilliantly for dub snares. It is also great on mic'd acoustic instruments and vocals. This is a long spring reverb with the reverb tank spanning the width of the unit.

The tremolo is a fairly slow one, but with a huge amount of variability from the depth knob. Many surf guitarists prefer this unit to the Fender reverb tank and other spring reverb alternatives.

Overall, the Valverb brings a characteristic warmth to anything it touches - mainly due to the tube preamp. Controls include input and output level controls which control the tube preamp, and highly useable bass, mid and treble EQ controls, which affect only the reverb effected sound, speed and intensity for the tremolo, and the wet/dry mix for the reverb.

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