The Pluto Plate is a passive stereo plate reverb offering PC/Mac-control of the damper (decay time) via a dedicated application.

The Pluto Plate is designed with a larger plate than older models (like the EMT 140), which allows for a greater warmth. The plate is passive, allowing the engineer to choose their favorite driver-amp and pre-amp for the return. Output is mic level via class A transformers.

The Pluto has 101 Decay Damper Positions which are Digitally Controllable for Exact/Storable Recall and Easy Remote Control. The Shortest Decay Time is .5 Seconds and the Longest Decay time just shy of 5 Seconds.

Sonically, under the shorter settings, the Pluto has been described as a "Sunbath of Metallic Air". On longer decay times, the unit produces a lush sounding tail. Insanely great for quiet, slow folk music with lots of space between the notes.

Input - mono speaker ¼ inch
Output - stereo XLR mic level
Control - cat 5 cable USB connection

Dimensions -
Length - 8 feet
Height - 4 feet
Depth - 12 inches
Weight - 270 Lbs

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