The Quad-Eight RV10 is a Spring Reverberator introduced in 1972. The unit features four independent transmission lines which gives the unit its uniquely rich and dense texture.

The Ouad-Eisht RV-10 is a variable decay Reverberation device representing a different approach to mnechanical reverberation simulation. It has a clean, transparent sound that compares favorably with other types of reverberation devices or reverberation chambers.

There are four different initial delays developed by four independenc transmission lines. The full delay pattern is realized after 55 milliseconds and then the reverberation runs in four continuous trains of multiples of the delay times. Along with the initial delay, low frequency filtering, and the variable decay time features allow the RV-10 to match any other reverberation device and create new effects not available with other reverberation devices at that time.

The Gear Rack

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This piece of gear has limited suppliers. Processing may take longer than usual.