The Shure Vocal Master is a vintage (1960's) PA amplifier with 6 preamps and an superb-sounding spring reverb built-in. It can be used as a summing unit, for sonic coloration, as a stand-alone spring reverb and even as a guitar amplifier for reamping purposes.

The Shure Vocal Master mixer/power amplifier Console permits the user to mix up to six microphones with individual control over volume, tone and reverberation. A solid-state 100 watt R.M.S. power amplifier is incorporated in the Console. Unique circuitry design protects the solid-state components against damage as a possible result of open-circuit or short-circuit conditions of the amplifier outputs. The output transistors are also protected against overheating by the use of automatic thermal sensors. 


Amplifier Type - All silicon transistor mixer/power amplifier
Power Output - 100 watts continuous (RMS); (to 8 ohm load, see Figure 3, Page 7)
Voltage Gain - 60 db “Mic.” Input Level (8 ohm load)
49 db “Inst.” Input Level (8 ohm load)
Frequency Response - ± 2 db 40 Hz. to 20,000 Hz. (typical)
Input Impedance - 60,000 ohms “Mic.” Input Level; 120,000 ohms “Inst.” Input Level
Distortion - 5% maximum at rated output at 1 KHz.
Hum and Noise - 60 db below rated output
Speaker Load Impedance - Nominal 8 ohms; operational 5.3 ohms minimum
Input Clipping Level - Greater than 300 Mv. (“Mic.” Input Level)
Greater than 1 V. (“Inst.” Input Level)
Bass Control Action - ± 13 db at 100 Hz. with respect to “flat” setting
Treble Control Action- ± 10 db at 10,000 Hz. with respect to “flat” setting
“To Tape Recorder” Jack - Impedance 5,000 ohms; Output 19 db below speaker output;
nominal - 2 V at 50 watts to speakers, Clipping Level 4 V.
Echo-“To Input” Jack (Output To External Echo Unit) - Impedance 10,000 ohms;
Output 20 db above microphone inputs with individual volumes at “10”; Clipping level 3 V.
Echo-“To Output” Jack (Input From External Echo Unit) - Impedance 40,000 ohms;
Sensitivity 200 Mv. for rated amplifier output with “Echo Gain” Control and
“Master Volume” Control at maximum settings; Clipping level 2 V. with maximum
setting of “Echo Gain” control. Clipping level increases with reduced setting
of “Echo Gain” control.
“Reverb Switch“ Jack - D.C. switching (no audio), parallels the Master Reverb
In-Out Switch. Any cable with a resistance of less then 5,000 ohms may be used.
Center Notch Frequencies of “Anti-Feedback” Filters- 5,000 Hz; 2,200 Hz; 1,000 Hz; 155 Hz.

Power Supply - 120 volts, 60 Hz. 80 watts maximum with no signal in. 180 watts with 1 KHz. signal and 100 watts output 400 watts maximum operating -7°C to 43°C (20°F to 110°F) without derating Power Consumption - Ambient Temperature Range - Dimensions - 213 mm height x 635 mm width x 375 mm depth (8-3/8 in. x 25 in. x 14-3/4 in.) Weight - 17.25 kg (38 Ibs.)

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