The Yamaha Rev 7 is a Digital Reverberator unit - launched in 1985, it is one of the final models from the early digital studio equipment era. It features a somewhat low-fi sound as it is limited to 16-bit / 44.1kHz internally and includes an pre delay controls, EQ, filters and effects, along with a variety of different types of reverberation, echo, delay and ambient patches.

The Rev 7 tends to work best when used subtly to enhance the ambience and space around the sound source. The added FX section can add an interesting quality to the overall effect of a sound and also allow it to better sit within the context of the mix - we recommend trying different reverb and echo settings combined with phasers and flangers.

In terms of signal path, when a signal is sent into the REV 7 reverberator via the balanced jacks or XLRs, it is first EQ'd, then metered, then passed into an Analogue to Digital converter. Any stereo input is mixed to mono prior to being processed into a reverb signal. However, the direct, or source signal, remains in stereo. The effect is then created within the Digital Signal Processor, which is the very heart of the unit. 

The processed signal is then converted back into a stereo format reverb signal (regardless of whether or not it started life in mono) by two Digital to Analogue converters, which create two slightly different Left and Right reverberation patterns. This analogue end result is then mixed with the direct signal using the mixer control.

The Rev 7 comes with 30 presets built-in, with up to 7 variable parameters including Reverb time, First Reflection delay and level, Diffusion, Liveness, Initial Delay time, Room size, Modulation frequency and depth. The REV 7 also has an on-board 3-band parametric EQ, with overlapping frequency ranges (50-700Hz; 350-7kHz; 2-20kHz) to enable you to modify the characteristics of the processed sound.

Presets 30
User Programs 60
Reverb Time (RT) 0.3 to 9.9 sec on Mid band
High Freq RT 0.03 to 9.9 sec
Low Freq RT 0.12 to 23.7 sec
Initial Delay 0 to 99.9ms
First Reflection 0 to 99.9ms
Diffusion 10 steps
Reverb Bandwidth 20Hz-12kHz
Dynamic Range Reverb: 78dB / Delay: 84dB
MIDI Control Channel/Program number

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