The Yamaha SPX900 is a highly sophisticated digital reverberation and effects system which offers 50 preset effect programs including accurate simulations of natural reverberation and early-reflections, delay and echo effects, gated effects, modulation effects, a versatile compressor, a harmonic exciter, multiple effects which function as several Yamaha SPX900 units in one, freeze (sampling) programs and others.

With a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, it delivers full, flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz for exceptionally clean, “transparent” effect sound. The preset effect programs can be edited, re-titled, and stored in any of 49 RAM user memory locations.

Individual two-band parametric EQ and dynamic filter parameters are provided for each effect program for precise tonal tailoring. In addition to the basic effect and EQ parameters, the Yamaha SPX900 offers a list of “internal parameters” which provide exacting control over the effect sound.

The Yamaha SPX900 is also MIDI compatible, with a MIDI in terminal that allows MIDI selection of effect programs, and a switchable MIDI THRU/OUT terminal.

When switched to OUT, edited programs stored in internal RAM can be dumped to a MIDI data recorder or other data storage device. Programs thus stored can be reloaded when necessary via the MIDI in terminal.

As an extra touch of convenience the Yamaha SPX900’s input and output terminals can be switched to match -20 dBm or +4 dBm line levels + providing compatibility with a broader range of sound equipment.

The SPX990 released by Yamaha in 1993 offers an extra 30 presets, superior quantization - 20 bits compared to 16 bits on the 900 version; improved dynamic range of 106 dB compared to only 90 dB on the 900 model; and total harmonic distortion measured at only 0.005% compared to 0.03% on its previous counterpart, model SPX900.

Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20kHz +/-0.5 dB
Dynamic Range Above 100 dB (typical 106dB)
Hum and Noise Below -82 dBm (Typical -88dBm)
Distortion Below 0.005% at max. level 1 kHz
Input/ Number of Channel 2 (Phone Jack)
Input/ Nominal Level +4/-20dBm (Switchable)
Input/ Highest Input +24dBm (Switchable at +4dB)
Input/ Impedance 20 k ohm
Output/ Number of Channel 2 (Phone Jack)
Output/ Nominal Level +4/-20dBm (Switchable)
Output/ Highest Output +18dBm (Switchable at +4dB)
Output/ Impedance 150 ohm
A/D Conversion 20 bits
D/A Conversion 20 bits
Sampling Freq. 44.1kHz
Preset Program 1 - 80
User Memory Program 1 - 99,00
Optional Memory Card 1 - 99,00

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