One of the greatest sounding consoles of all time, the 9098i is a large-format in-line console designed in by Amek in conjunction with Rupert Neve. It combines the sonic essence of vintage consoles with the extended functionality of the world's most powerful console automation system, the Supertrue V4.

Engineered from the ground up with sonic excellence in mind, the Amek 9098i represents a milestone in analog console design. 

Amongst its features, it addresses multichannel formats up to 5.1, Supertrue faders, switches and event automation which allows for extremely fast and intuitive control of console settings, Virtual Dynamics, Recall, Visual FX, synchronisation to incoming SMPTE and software control of external devices.

In use, the Amek 9098i proves to be a versatile console, capable of handling both recording and mixing tasks with ease. Apart from the basic console functionality, the Channel modules and Routing possibilities make the 9098i fit for any task imaginable.

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