Arguably some of the most revered large-format consoles, the API are an all-american love story - and they sound amazing!

API consoles are known for their iconic all-american sound. Part of their success is the company's flagship 2520 Op Amp which provides the reliability and sonic purity associated with API products. Historically, the first modular API console was purchased by Les Paul in 1970. Since then, the company's consoles have found their way into the world's major studios, catering to the needs of both music and broadcast industries. Even after 40 years, API consoles continue to be praised for their iconic warm analog sound, durability and ease of use.

This API 3288, owned by Boulevard Recroding in Hollywood LA, is an extremely rare version from the late '70s era of API desks. Originally used by ABC Studios in New York for over 30 years, this 3288 comes with Jensen transformers throughout (allegedly fitted during its time at ABC) as well as the coveted 2520 Huntington NY op aps. Despite its model number, this is a just one of two 48-channel split consoles from that period of API history - the other one is in use at RAK Studios in the UK. What's more, this 3288 can be considered an important part of recording history, having been used to sculpt the sound of many notable acts including Deep Purple.

These consoles can serve multiple roles ranging from individual channel processing through the Jensen transformers in various configurations, depending on the amount of coloration desired. They can also be used for analog summing, stemming and for all-analog mixing purposes.

Overall, the API consoles impress through its vast palette of tones achieved by passing audio through its various all-discrete stages. 

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