The PM8 is an eight‑channel, passive summing mixer adding a distinct vintage character, which fills out the bass in a very analogue way.

Each input channel has its own rotary pan and rotary fader control on the front panel, plus an associated mute button that disconnects the input from the passive stereo mix bus altogether. The output from the passive mixing networks is split three ways. One feed goes direct to a pair of rear‑panel XLRs labelled as passive outputs, and this feed is unbalanced and at low level, so an external preamp would typically be required to restore the signal level, but this does give the option of choosing the gain‑stage sound character. The other two splits are both amplified by solid‑state gain stages to make up for the losses of the passive mixers. One set of outputs is dispatched via balancing transformers (nominal 600Ω types), while the other is presented by dual active output buffers, all connecting through two more pairs of rear-panel XLRs. The master output levels are controlled by two stereo gain knobs. Master 1 controls the output level of the passive and transformerless outputs, while Master 2 controls the level of the transformer‑coupled output.

The mkII revision of the PM8 has all new internals with noise floor improvements, an upgraded power supply, output gain up to +18dB, separate monitor outputs via a DB25 connection that mirrors all three pairs of main outputs, monitor level control, balanced passive outputs, and a new link setup that accommodates multiple units for “infinite” channels of summing.

PM8 MKII Specifications:

Inputs 8x transformer-coupled inputs with XLR/1/4" TRS combo jacks
Outputs 1x passive master output, 2x XLR
1x transformerless master output, 2x XLR
1x transformer-coupled master output, 2x XLR
Channel Control Mute, volume and pan capability
Maximum Output Gain +18 dB
Link Connector DB25 connection to link multiple units

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