The Neve 8816 is a sixteen-channel summing mixer packed with unique features, while bringing the well-loved Neve console sound to in-the-box mixes. It is most commonly used for stem and track summing, but is also favoured for line-level mixing and mixing applications.

The Neve 8816 is one of the more comprehensive summing mixers available. At the heart of it, it takes the sonic imprint of classic Neve consoles and makes it available to those working without them, as it implements transformer topology based very closely on the Mix Bus of the 80 Series consoles.

In its simplest operation, it takes up to sixteen analog inputs (usually from the output of a Digital Audio Workstation) and sums them into two channels to print a stereo mix. This process adds a sense of dimension not afforded by digital summing.

The 8816 also provides several options beyond summing. It is expandable to 32-channels by connecting two units together and can also be controlled by an optional fader pack, for those who prefer mixing that way. Flexible insert points allow for direct or parallel processing over the mix bus, with the latter being particularly useful for adding parallel compression to help strengthen a mix. The mix bus can also be processed through the built-in stereo width control, which uses mid-side frequency processing to manipulate the stereo image.

The 8816 also comes with a recall function via integration with corresponding software over USB. This is an uncommon yet highly useful feature for analog equipment, with software taking snapshots of control positions to facilitate mixes being recalled with precision if needed.

Hand-built, hand-wired 16-channel summing mixer for use in professional computer-based studios
Classic Neve analogue transformer mix bus topology
Instant Recall of settings stored on PC or Mac via USB
16 input channels plus aux additional inputs
Cue, Level, Pan, Solo and Mute controls
Mix Insert points
Various solo and solo in place functions
Sum and difference insert with exclusive ‘Stereo Width Control’
Separate Monitor and Cue levels
Main and Alt speaker outs
Onboard talkback mic w/talkback input to Cue
Units can be cascaded for multiple output
2U rackmount design with special shielded power supply
2 track return, plus iPod input
Headphone outs on front and back
Optional digital output card; 44.1kHz to 192kHz, plus DSD

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