Neve consoles are amongst the most sought after piece of equipment in the recording industry. They are famed for their musicality and ease of use as well as for the heritage of countless award-winning records tracked or mixed through these boards.

Mr Rupert Neve, the mastermind behind these elegantly designed consoles, formed Neve Electronics in 1961. The company specialised in producing professional audio equipment and mixing consoles with the help of Mr Rupert's unique approach to design and by using only the highest-quality components and Class-A circuit designs.

Throughout the years, Neve have produced a variety of recording and mixing consoles. However, perhaps their most iconic range is the 80 series. The ultimate Neve mixing consoles, these featured classic modules such as 1073s and 1084s which shaped the sound in an unmistakeably Neve fashion.

Neve produced a series of automated IC based consoles that offered fantastic sonic quality and modern facilities (for the time), including the 8028/8128/8228, V1, V2, V3 and VR (essentially a V3 with recall). Large format Neve consoles are capable of offering the ultimate hi-fi recording/mixing quality and the V series have dynamics on all channels (like SSLs) as well as extremely powerful EQ.

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