The RFZ MP-4084 is an extremely rare vintage console hand built in East Germany. This unit was originally built for the Leipzig Theatre Company in the mid-1980s. The RFZ MP-4084 boasts a brilliant circuit design offering extensive functionality and superb sonics.

RFZ MP-4084 East German Fully Discrete Analog Mixer Stems

I offer processing of your tracks through an incredibly rare and stunning German console hand-built in East Germany by fussy audio snobs (thank god!) and personally imported to Australia by myself in 2007. 

This modular, fully cassette based mixer was commissioned by the Leipzig theater company and built in Berlin sometime in the early to mid-80's and was then used for recording and productions for years before and after the fall of the Berlin wall. 

This is one of the few remaining working consoles in the world. These were astronomically expensive to build with brilliant circuit design and attention to detail and above all else stunning sound quality. 

It can be pushed to have an upfront mid range bite and great clarity thanks to it's circuit design and component choices. 
It also features transformers for ins and outs which further add character to its sound. Personally I find it to be exceptional on everything with a much more interesting and pleasing tone than just recording straight into an audio interface. 
I often run mix stems out through this and back in for some colour and to use the lovely built-in 3 band, 7 band and 9 band graphic EQs and limiters that are simply stunning and feature switchable fast or slow release times. 

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This piece of gear has limited suppliers. Processing may take longer than usual.