The Sony MXP 2000 / 2900 is a vintage Sony Broadcast console equipped with 18 mono mic/line channels, 6 stereo line channels, and 4 stereo compressors.

Sony made these broadcast consoles shortly after they acquired MCI and, as such, these mixers are in some parts very reminiscent of classic MCI consoles.

Pumped full of transformers, the MXP console produces a very thick and confident sound, making it quite obvious that Sony spared no expense when building these desks.

There are 4 VCA groups, and 4 stereo compressors/limiters, that can be inserted into any channel, group, or on the master buss. They aren't the most subtle of compressors, but they do an amazing job on drum rooms, gang vocals and even horn sections.

The EQ's are a three-band, semi-parametric, with a low shelf at 50hz, a high shelf at 10khz, and mid-sweepable from 150hz to 5khz.

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