The Studer 169 is a Classic Vintage Modular Console built in a rather small 19" form-factor. In use, the console proves useful in a variety of applications including mixing, summing or for general sonic coloration purposes.

The Studer 169 console is one of the top recording and on-location consoles. It has been loved especially by orchestral recording engineers for its accurate, open, and ultra-smooth sound and gently warm character.

The EQ modules have been described as "a dream" and always nicely smooth and very musical sounding. The high end has a low Q factor resulting in a super smooth tone and the lows are big yet unmuddied.

Mic and line level balanced XLR inputs, low-pass filter, output gain control, phase reversal, and the sweepable mid EQ band gives you a lot of options regardless of the task to be completed.

  • Transformer balanced mic & line level inputs
  • 3-Band inductor based EQ (switchable in or out of circuit) with +/- 15dB gain on each band
  • High Frequency Shelving band at 10 kHz
  • Mid Frequency band is sweepable between 150Hz and 7kHz
  • High Frequency Shelving band at 60 Hz
  • VCA fader as output attenuators
  • Polarity reversal
  • High pass filter
  • All discrete preamplifier and EQ stages

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