The Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard is more than just a summing mixer, providing all-valve passive inputs, sound shaping possibilities with great bass and treble response, and stereo width and depth controls. The Fat Bustard is unique in providing exceptional sound quality and control in summing and stereo mix output applications.

The Thermionic Culture present their products in a unique light to create individual sonic feel and vibe. The Fat Bustard is no exception, boasting passive, all-valve channels within the summing mixer.

Passive units will often sound cleaner than most active circuitry models, so when matched with the pair of 5965 valves summing during the summing stage and the pair of 6SN7 valves during the output stage, Fat Bustard provides a very large amount of headroom and a unique, clear, smooth sounding response.  The custom-built ‘varislope’ low and top frequency EQ curves also assist in providing smooth, analog sweetness. 

The Fat Bustard comes with a signal-to-noise ratio of 100dBA which enables it to be driven up to +26dBu, making it an ideal choice for louder material and genres. An ‘Attitude’ control with the MK II further enhances tone character, adding 2nd order harmonics ranging from the lower ranges through to the higher positions.

‘Stereo Spread’ allows adjustment of the stereo width and depth above a set frequency, while the 'Spread Filter' control allows certain frequencies above the ‘spread’ to be selected, which can be set from full band widening to only widening above 5KHz to help vary the tone of the stereo mix as well as the stereo width. Along with stereo widening at higher frequencies, ‘Bass to Centre’ allows two different low frequency ranges to be summed to mono to assist in creating a more focused, punchy mix.  

The Fat Bustard is an excellent choice for simple analog summing while providing a multitude of options for tone and character development, and to improve width and depth in the stereo spectrums.

Input impedance: 10kOhms (dependent upon channel and setting), unbalanced
Output impedance: 600 Ohms unbalanced
Monitor: 5k Ohms unbalanced
Gain (ch. 1-8): 0 at Attitude 1, +11dB at max attitude
Maximum Output level: +25dBU
Distortion: (at Attitude 1) 0.015% +8dBm output (at Attitude 3) 0.25%
(at max. attitude) ≥1% (dependent on how hard valves are driven)
Signal to noise (IEC weighted): at least 100dB below MOL at Att.1
Freq. response (±1dB): 16Hz to 40kHz (at Attitude 1)
Max bass lift: +10dB @ 50Hz
Max top lift: +12db @ 12kHz
Phase shift (10kHz) with EQ flat: (at Att.1), 7% (26°)
(at Att. 4), 10% (36°)
Crosstalk (average at Att. 1 & 2): 59dB @ 1kHz, 44dB @ 10kHz. Crosstalk will increase at high attitude settings and when stereo spread and/or bass to centre controls are used.

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