The B Range was the second range of consoles built by Trident, and introduced in 1973. The B Range featured a split design, similar to its predecessor - the A Range.

Following the success of the A-Range line of consoles introduced in 1970, the B-Range provides the same basic split design and outstanding sonic qualities in a more streamlined and optimised desk.

The B-Range is considered a rare, all-discrete, class A, split console. At the time of its release, the range was built primarily to order, meaning the majority of the remaining consoles will be somewhat unique - we recommend checking with the owner for any particular modules or specifications. 

The A-range and B-range use the same mic preamp, eq, buffer amps, sum-amps and line amps.circuits. The B range has fewer  steps in the mic gain control and fewer selectable frequencies in the eq section. 

Before the installation of the first A Range, word had spread and Trident was asked to build a scaled down version for musician and producer John Congas in early 1972. This would become the Trident B range. When a second order came in from Chipping Norton Studios, Trident Audio Developments or TRIAD was officially formed as a manufacturing company.

With the newly formed Trident Audio Developments initial success of both the A-Range and B-Range consoles, development began on new console designs to expand the company’s offerings. Trident quickly experienced even more success with the Fleximix and TSM consoles both being released in 1979.

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