Korg's OASYS - acronym for Open Architecture SYnthesis Studio - technology allows multiple synthesis engines to be used simultaneously. The OASYS also includes second-generation KARMA technology (with the first generation having first appeared in the Korg KARMA). It has either a 76 key synth-action, or 88 key hammer-action keyboard.

The Korg OASYS is a workstation synthesizer released in early 2005, 1 year after the successful Korg Triton Extreme. Unlike the Triton series, the OASYS uses a custom Linux operating system that was designed to be arbitrarily expandable via software updates, with its functionality limited only by the PC-like hardware.

OASYS was a software implementation of the research project that ultimately resulted in the OASYS PCI, a DSP card which offered multiple synthesis engines. The original OASYS keyboard concept had to be scrapped because of excessive production costs and limitations of then-current technology.

Production of the OASYS was officially discontinued in April 2009. Korg sold just over 3000 units worldwide.[3] The final software update was released on November 24, 2009.

As of November 24, 2009 the latest version of the OASYS OS is 1.3.3a, featuring the following synthesis engines:

  1. HD-1: A PCM synthesizer, with 628 MB of preloaded samples and Wave Sequencing.
  2. EXs: A sample library that works by itself or with other engines. EXs-1 is a set of instruments and EXs-2 is a grand piano.
  3. AL-1: A 96-note polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer (84 notes in previous versions of the OS)
  4. CX-3: A modeled tonewheel organ based on the current CX-3
  5. STR-1: A plucked string physical model
  6. LAC-1: Optional bundle including two virtual analog synthesizers, the PolysixEX and MS-20EX, which are updated models of the vintage Korg Polysix and Korg MS20.
  7. MOD-7: Combines Variable Phase Modulation (VPM), waveshaping, ring modulation, PCM sample playback, and subtractive synthesis in a patchable, semi-modular synthesizer.

172 for HD-1, CX-3, & PolysixEX; 96 for AL-1;
52 for MOD-7; 48 for STR-1 & MS-20EX
(all maximum; may vary depending on other
sounding voices and effects)
Timbrality 16
Oscillator depends on synthesis engine
Synthesis type PCM, Wave Sequencing, Vector, Physical Modelling,
Sampler, Analog Modelling
Filter depends on synthesis engine
Aftertouch expression yes
Velocity expression yes
Storage memory 1GB RAM, upgradable to 2GB. No physical ROM.
Preloaded samples include 314MB "ROM"
(loaded into RAM automatically at startup),
and optionally-loaded 313MB EXs1 "ROM Expansion"
& 503MB EXs2 "Concert Grand Piano."
0MB to 1.5GB available for user samples,
depending on memory configuration and loaded EXs.
Internal 40GB HDD.
Effects 12 insert, 2 master, 2 total
Hardware 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor
Keyboard 76 or 88-key
Left-hand control 2x Joystick, 2x Switch, Ribbon, KARMA
External control MIDI

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