The Mellotron M4000D is a digital synthesizer based on the classic electro-mechanical mellotron boasting 24-bit uncompressed digital audio playback unit with circa 100 Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds built in.

The M4000D comes with 100 sounds drawn from various Mellotrons and Chamberlins. It’s bi-timbral, and there are always two active sound slots, A and B, with sounds loaded and ready to play.

The sounds are impeccably reproduced from the original tapes at 24-bit resolution, with one sample per key and, like the original, have a duration of about eight seconds with no loops. The M4000D’s sounds remain sustained if you change presets while holding keys, which is great for live performance. A high-low toggle in the middle of the panel drops the sound an octave.

Another nifty feature is that you can choose subtle EQ characters for the instrument globally: a cleaner, clearer output with “Chamberlin M1” or a slightly muted vintage character with “Worn Tapes” (Mellotron M400). The sounds by default had a bit of a longer decay, but the more ’Tron-like (and organ-like) instant stoppage of sound can be achieved by changing the settings. You can also define the “tape rewind time,” which will make ’Tron fans happy.


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