Are your soft synths not sitting quite right in the mix? Do they lack character and life? Send your MIDI parts to be processed through an actual physical synthesizer - you will not be disappointed!

Synthesizers have shaped the sound of modern recorded music, they have created new genres in their entirety and are responsible for some of the world's most creative bands and artists to date!

Most analog and digital synthesizers have MIDI capabilities built-in - take advantage and replace your soft synth tracks with actual recorded performances from your own MIDI parts. The sonic advantages are endless - enhanced clarity of sound; better perception of depth and width; a round and pleasing sound even with the most screeching patches available; improved low-end response; the Moog ladder filter heard in all its greatness and more.

Although some early analog synths will not have been included MIDI by design, most instruments have now been retrofitted with aftermarket MIDI kits which allow for the processing of externally created MIDI files.

Audio Treatment

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