The Ampex Model 350 magnetic tape recorder is a two-speed audio recorder designed for use with standard ¼ inch tape. The Model 350 is available in console, two-case portable, and rack-mount styles, all with either full or half track heads.

Independent record and playback systems allow the tape to be monitored while recording. A phone jack is provided to monitor either the record input signal before or during recording, or the output signal from the playback head while recording or during playback. An A-B switch is incorporated in order that direct comparison can be made between the original program and the recorded program. The same switch transfers a 4 inch VU meter for level comparison and monitoring. The VU Meter is also used to read bias and erase current.

  • Freq Response 30 to 15,000 cycles +/- 2 db @ 15ips
  • Signal to Noise 60 db
  • Speed 7.5 & 15 or 3.75 and 7.5 ips
  • Motors 3
  • Reels 10.5 inch
  • Timing accuracy 0.2% rms @15ips

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