The Ampex 602 is a reel to reel tape machine from the early 1960s, based on the design of its predecessor - the Ampex 601 - and featuring technical improvements throughout.

The unit features several technical upgrades compared to its predecessor, such as the preamp tubes which were upgraded to the 12AX7, to achieve the gain required with fewer tubes. This saves considerable cost compared to the pentode / dual triode design of the 601 preamp. In many ways the 602 is an improvement, but as far as the sound quality of the mic preamp goes, many still prefer that of the model 601.

Beyer "peanut" input transformer standard,
Balanced 600 Ohm output, 6DJ8 output section,
Octal socket for optional line input transformer,
12ax7/6aw8a mic preamp tubes (only half of the 6aw8a is used in the preamp,)
Mylar and electrolytic audio capacitors,
DC tube heater power (Selenium rectifier,)
Silicon diode rectifier for B+

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