The Otari MTR-90III is a Multichannel Tape Recorder that can record and reproduce 2" master tapes in a 24-track format.

The MTR-90 is loaded with convenient features such as selection of external speed reference, vari-speed, or 2 crystal-locked speeds - 15/30 ips (38/76 cm/s) or 7.5/15 ips (19/38 cm/s). The reels can be gently rocked back and forth for editing with the easy-to-use Cue Wheel or by hand by turning the capstan. Push buttons also provide for tension release and retraction of the motor-driven head shields to expedite editing. A practical splicing block and a spot erase function for erasure of unwanted tracks are also provided in front of the head assembly.

On the MTR-90, tension is distributed uniformly across the tape surface by a pair of wide diameter pinchrollerless spindles, the capstan and the tachometer. This design eliminates contact between the tape drive and the oxide, allowing safe handling of valuable master tapes. Mechanical integrity and long-term stability are ensured by a massive, precision top plate and a unitized, welded steel chassis. The newly designed High Speed Motor Drive Amplifier features self protection and reel-end deceleration for better tape manipulation and more efficient editing. High torque DC servo reel motors provide fast winding even with 14" reels, and ensure rapid start-ups to full stable record/play speed. The entire machine is modular in construction, including the computerized transport control logic, for high reliability and serviceability.

Stable ACTIVE BALANCE circuitry has been used in the input circuit. In the output circuit, balanced or unbalanced operation can be selected. In addition, a SERIAL I/O CONNECTOR, conforming to the RS232 standard for direct communication with a computer, and an Otari standard parallel I/O interface are provided for extended external control.

Tape Width & Track 2 inches, 24 tracks
Heads Plug-in head blocks with full access to independent head azimuth adjustment
Motors 1 DC capstan motor, 2 fully servoed DC reel motors
Reel Size Up to 14-inch diameter (35.63 cm). NAB hub with reel size auto sensing
Tape Speeds 30 & 15 ips (76.2 & 38.1 cm/s) (or 15 & 7.5 ips (38.1 & 19.05 cm/s), manufactured to order)
Tape Speed Accuracy Less than ±0.1%
Tape Speed Deviation Within 0.05% (from beginning to end of reel)
Pitch Control ±20% continuously variable control, % or ips readout with 0.01% precision
Wow & Flutter
(Peak wtd per DIN 45507)
30 ips = ±0.04%
15 ips = ±0.05%
7.5 ips = ±0.08%
Start & Stop Time
(14" reels)
30 ips = max. 1.0 s
15 ips = max. 0.6 s
7.5 ips = 0.5 s
Drive System Pinch-Roller-less direct drive capstan system with ±20% speed control. Constant tension servo-controlled reel motors.
Cue Control Cue knob for variable speed tape winding (bidirectional) proportional to knob rotating; button also defeats tape lifters in Fast Wind and Rewind modes.
Tape Time Counter Six-digit LED readout from tachometer/logic measurement circuit; indicates hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds.
Electronics (measured with AMPEX #456 tape)
Line Input Transformerless active balanced (Floating transformers are optional)
Input Impedance: 10 kΩ (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Reference Level: +4 dBu
Connector: XL-3 type (female)
Line Output Transformerless active balanced (Floating transformers are optional), Balanced/Unbalanced switchable
Output Impedance: 5Ω (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Load Impedance: min. 150Ω
Reference Level: +4 dBu
Connector: XL-3 type (male)
Clipping (amplifier) +28 dBu
Headroom 24 dB
Equalization AES (30 ips), NAB, or IEC (15 & 7.5 ips) switchable. Record EQ to be specified at time of order.
Punch-In/Punch-Out Gapless and noiseless inserts with automatic monitor switching.
Frequency Response (Rec/Rep) 50 Hz to 22 kHz +2, -3 dB (0 VU, 30 ips)
30 Hz to 20 kHz +2, -3 dB (0 VU, 15 ips)
30 Hz to 16 kHz +2, -3 dB (-10 VU, 7.5 ips)
Frequency Response (Rec/Sel-Rep) 50 Hz to 16 kHz±3 dB (0 VU, 30 ips)
30 Hz to 16 kHz±3 dB (0 VU, 15 ips)
30 Hz to 12 kHz±3 dB (-10 VU, 7.5 ips)
Distortion (THD) Less than 0.5% (@ 1 kHz, 320 nWb/m)
Crosstalk (1 kHz) min. 55 dB
Crosstalk (200 Hz to 16 kHz) min. 43 dB
Erase Efficiency Better than 75 dB (@ 1 kHz)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
(@ 1040 nWb/m, UNWTD, 
with 30 Hz to 18 kHz BPF)
AES 30 ips = 70 dB
IEC 15 ips = 69 dB, IEC 7.5 ips = 66 dB
NAB 15 ips = 67 dB, NAB 7.5 ips = 69 dB
Reference Fluxivity NAB = 250 nWb/m, IEC = "320" nWb/m. Figures enclosed in quotations (" ") represent values for open circuit fluxivity
Bias Frequency 257 kHz
Erase Frequency 86 kHz

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