Studer are recognized as the apex of analog tape technology and the 2-inch 24-track A827 is one of the most sought after machines. The A827 has amazing audio transport, capacity and quality, which builds their reputation as one of the best and most versatile multi-track recorders ever made.

The Studer A827 is a 2 inch, 24-track analog tape machine introduced in 1989 as a redesigned successor to the A80 MK 4. 


The A827 has similar styling to the A820 although uses VU meters rather than bargraphs. Heads are the same (318 heads – the successor to the 317 hard head) and the machine features a modern transport with shuttle on the auto-locator. Although it has simpler electronics and audio cards than some other models, the A827 is one of the most sought after multitrack tape recorders in the USA and Europe. For the A827, Studer adopted for external Dolby Digital integration opposed to the internal in order to further increase recording flexibility and capacity. 


The Studer A827 can run varispeeds of 7.5, 15 or 30 ips, with digitally controlled electronics for precise recording, calibration and for synchronization with external hardware. Some models were issued with an audio remote control unit to assist with this, and also feature tape transport keys, channel status memory, varispeed control and other enhanced recording functions.   


Studer A827s can be run to produce both heavier, warmer coloration and more neutral, clean aesthetics. This is dependent on external converters, audio processing and optional use of Dolby® HX Pro. This enables the machine to preserve the ‘punch’ in an audio signal while imparting the desired sonic properties of tape.  

  • 7.5, 15, 30 IPS and Varispeed 

  • It can also play and record in reverse (ala Eddie Kramer/Jimi Hendrix) 

  • Dual High Res Opto Tape sensors, improve accuracy and responsiveness of tape handling 

  • DC Disc Rotor Capstan Motors with microprocessor controls 

  • Antiskew tracking featuring tape edge compensation.  Better phase stability and smooth tape handling 

  • Studer Autolocater with 20 cue memory settings 

  • 2” 24 Track glass/metal 318 Hard Heads 

  • Built in Tone Generator

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