How The Audio Hunt Works

Our catalogue boasts the best audio equipment and services in the world. Explore the range using the search bar at the top of the page to find audio gear and services that will improve the sound of your music. We've also added a blog post about some important new updates here.

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There are three ways to book using The Audio Hunt:

  1. If you know the type of processing you want, use the options at the top of the page to select your desired outcome. For example: "My Vocals Need Compressing".
  2. If you want a specific piece of gear that you know by name, press the search icon at the top of the page and search for it directly. For example: "Neve 1073".
  3. If you want to work with a specific person or studio - like Blackbird Studio in Nashville - visit their profile page and send them a message directly. They can then propose a custom booking for you and you can transact directly.

If you own audio gear and want to offer it on the site, simply sign up and add the gear you own to your user profile in a matter of minutes.

Book a listing or save it for later

Make a booking or save it for later

Depending on how you're browsing the site, requesting a job works in slightly different ways. If you're searching for a specific outcome (like My Vocals Need Compressing) then requesting a job from that page will send a notification to all of the owners of vocal compression units that we have in our database. You have control over the quality of gear that is used by selecting the pricing level before clicking "book now".

If you're booking a specific piece of gear directly, you're guaranteed to have your files processed on that unit, like the LA2A or Fairchild 670.

In the following steps after clicking "book now", you'll be able to upload your file for processing, a reference mix, and any additional information about how you want your files processed.

If you aren't ready to book yet, favourite the page for later.

Connect your audio files to any piece of gear remotely

We'll connect you with an experienced person who is available to complete the job

As soon as we've found someone (usually in less than 15 minutes), we'll notify you so that you can arrange further specifics for processing.

We'll hold on to the money for the job while it's in progress so that both parties are protected.

Message the owner to send your files and give creative direction

Communicate directly to finalize the job

Throughout your job, you can communicate directly and transfer files through our in-built messaging feature.

Once the job is complete, as a supplier you can upload the final files, and then we'll send you your payment.

Leave a review and build the community

Leave a review to build the community

When the job is complete, you can leave a review of the service to help grow a community of trust. If for whatever reason you aren't satisfied with the job, we'll refund you under our guarantee.

How The Audio Hunt Works

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