Producer / Engineer

3╳MUSIC is a boutique music production company focused on pro audio sector. We provide high-quality service for independent artists, labels, bands, game, radio, film & tv.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer


Professional Mastering service. • Best of both analog and digital worlds high-grade equipment. • Mastering for iTunes (MFIT) certified by Apple.

Why you get better result with us?

• expireince - we do it on daily basis
• good sense and taste in many music genres
• special set up listening environment
• dedicated, expensive analog gear
• we're very good at our craft
• fresh, objective, dettached mindset
- cost efficient


Editing has become an absolutely necessary part of modern audio production, occurring after audio has been recorded and preparing for mixing. We're using Pro Tools HD v12.6 the industry standard in pro audio production.

Emotion is the main thing that drives the song and separates a good vocal take from a great one. Today even well-tracked and well-performed vocals require “track compositing” (aka "comping"), noise removal and cleanup. Other production techniques include "timing alignment", "pitch correction", "de-essing" and many more. They all plays significant role in modern vocal production process and require an extra level of expertise of a sound engineer.

Out of time drums prevents a recording project from sounding as good as it can. It is one of the things that keeps home studio productions from sounding like pro recordings. Effective and natural techniques take time to master. We do it manually for the best sound quality with no artifacts and timestretching.

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