Unreal Studio
Musician, Producer / Engineer Athens, Greece

Recording/mixing/mastering studio responsible for a great number of the productions of the newly emerged greek rock scene.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing


analog based workflow, with 40 channels of prism ada8xr conversion, and a unique setup that offers best of both worlds approach and recall. Great monitoring through amphion 2x18 monitors.


The room is +- 3 db across the whole spectrum, lending it self beautifully to mastering work.


Fast as hell with a dedicating editing room, using spiral groove studio one monitors. Daw of choice is samplitude, amazing for editing.
  • really good work..
  • Excellent service, fast turnaround and super helpful. Would definitely use again! Thanks
  • Got sooo much more than I had asked for!! Thanks so much! Killer service
  • Quick and sounds perfect! Cheers