André Melges
Producer / Engineer Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am a mix and master engineer with a solid 7 years of experience in music and post production facilities. Mainly, I mix and master 100% in the box, but can do it in a SSL AWS948 and analog outboard gear of a partner studio facility if you need so.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Producer


Mix 100% In The Box with Protools as DAW, Waves, UAD, Izotope, Slate and Soundtoys plugins. But, if needed, I can mix in a SSL AWS 948 and outboard gear of a partner studio, this will affect the turn around period of a mix.


Master 100% In The Box using Protools as DAW, Waves, UAD and Izotope as plugins.


If you need to edit drums, tune vocals or even time align different mics from the same source to get better fase, just send me a message.

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