Andy Brook
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio , United Kingdom

Andy has produced, mixed, engineered and toured with the likes of Status Quo, Ginger Wildheart, Uriah Heep, Francis Rossi, Greg Jackman, Del-Amitri, Travis, Tiger Lillie's, Towers of London, Hayseed Dixie, Million Dead, Breed 77 as well as Universal, Sony & WMG. He is also involved in film and tv, location and media post production and is a registered member of PRS, APRS, PPL, MU and the MPG as well as being a full voting member of the Brit academy.

Andy studied acoustic composition and composition with electronics at the University of Hertfordshire, graduating with a BA(hons) in Electronic Music in 2001. Whilst professionally active he gained an advanced C&G in Music Technology with distinction at the City of Westminster College and an MA in Audio Production from the University of Westminster.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer, Studio


We mix ITB using Pro-tools or in Logic X. Alternatively we use a Harrison 32:48 for analogue mixes or for summing. For mixing we charge an hourly rate and a single song usually takes between two to four hours (inc 3 revisions) depending on it's complexity and source material


We master ITB using Ozone, Sonnox, Waves and Fabfilter OR in analogue via a stereo linked matched pair of Avalon 737's. We provide DDP images, hi-res WAV's and MP3/AAC as production parts.


We edit with PT or Logic using beat detective/flex time and then address vocal alignment with Revoice and pitching issues with Melodyne (PT) or Flex Pitch (Logic). We use RX5 for noise/click/hum removal. Happy to work on any material for editing.

As a general guide it takes 2-3 hours to edit, tighten, clean and tune a multitrack of Drums/Bass/Guitars/Vox & BV's (dependent on the source material)


In addition to scoring for string, brass & woodwind orchestration we can provide an honest assessment of the song's current arrangement and advise on any constructive changes as well as tastefully adding drums/bass/guitars/keys/b vox where necessary and supplying professional session players to realise the parts.

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