Anthony Catacoli Productions
Musician, Producer / Engineer

Anthony Catacoli was born in Queens, NY. He started in music from the age of 11 in a small hispanic church in Woodside, Queens. Over that last 5 years he's been working full time as a producer/musician with award winning bands like Soulfire Revolution and Generación 12. Anthony is an accomplished keyboard player and guitar player that is know for being both expressive and minimalist. Both him and his wife (Paola, the drummer for Soulfire Revolution) are pastors in Mission Carismatica Internacional (Bogota, Colombia) and are also active volunteers in church worship as musicians. Anthony is also currently the church music director and teaches on music and worship in clinics.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer


I've been mixing for over 10 years now with experience in Rock, worship music, acoustic style, and Latin music. I currently mix "in the box" but should be hybrid system in the coming weeks. If you think your 1st draft mix is off by a long shot I will make sure you get a full refund. Thanks for the opportunity.


I've been an experienced mixing engineer for over 10 years and for the past 3 years I've been mastering and other people's mixes and I love it. Mastering is done in the box and just like when I mix, if my reference master is off by a long shot you get a full refund. Thanks for the oportunity.


Editing excludes:
Vocal tuning
Drum aligning (quantizing real drums)
Noise elimination
Mix prep


Been a musician for about 20 years and as a producer I also arrange a lot of what I've worked on in the past. This service includes:
Sound design
Guitar recording
Keyboard programming
Loop programming (yes, I make them beats ya'll)
  • Great communication and fast turn around time. Really happy with the result, too. Thank you!