Black Bacon Sound
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio Santiago, Chile

Black Bacon Sound is a recording studio created in 2012 by Tomas Stewart. that seeks to create a comfortable and flexible space for any project, whether it be audiovisual or musical. Based on the process of a creative production, and the experience of each of its members, we empower each project in a different way, thus leading to the desired result.

Recording an album or doing the sound for a film or documentary, is a major challenge of which we want to be part of, and working in a comfortable and fluid way is a big part of what we want to achieve. The studio, wishes to be a contribution to the musical and audiovisual development of Chile and abroad.

Tomas studied at SAE Institute of London. In 2014, he participates in “Mix With The Masters” where he had the pleasure of meeting Tchad Blake, renowned audio engineer with credits like Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, The Black Keys. Tomas also plays guitar, and sings in the duo Magaly Fields, playing at big festivals like Lollapalooza.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Producer


I like to mix different styles of music, I'm open to try new things, be creative, and always aiming at what the client wants, trying to get a vision of what it should sound like.
The price per song is $100 usd


Mastering is the last process of getting things tight, sounding as loud as possible retaining the dynamics of the song, and checking that frequencies translate well, adding more punch, power, openness, soft and clear high end, as well as checking the fade in/out, in relation to the silence gap for the next song on a CD.
For this I use Pro tools, with great plugins from slate digital, brainworx, SPL, Elysia, Oxford, etc. After this I put all the CD text into your songs with Hofa plug in, and adding the final touches to make the CD master for the reproduction plant, or depending on the media you choose, like Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.
The price per song is $30 usd


For music I can edit drums, vocal tuning, a full song would be $30 usd.
For films, or podcasts, I can edit dialogue, make arrangements, insert audio files, etc. Depending on how long it takes to edit, its $12 usd per hour.

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