Buss Recording
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio New York, United States

Mark "Abishai" Brooks is a composer/songwriter, arranger, bassist, producer, and audio engineer. Professor Brooks has studied Jazz Performance at Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus) but has also studied bass with Calvin Hill, Percy Jones (Band-X), Jerry Jermott, Greg Maker, and Angus Thomas. He has studied performance with Benny Powell, Bob Mintzer and Eddie Henderson. At the Brooklyn College Music Conservatory, Professor Brooks studied composition with Tania Leon, Jason Eckardt and Ben Bierman and audio engineering with George Brunner.
Professor Brooks has been in the music industry for over 35 years now and has performed and recorded with numerous artists. Professor Brooks is currently the director of the Music Recording Technology program at LaGuardia Community College and is the head engineer for Buss Recording Studio in Bronx, New York.

Services: Mixing, Editing, Arranging, Producer, Studio


We mix both live and Virtual instruments. We use a combination of analog processing with plugins. All signals are routed out of MOTU 24 I/O into a Toft ATB 24 analog console for true unrestricted sound.


As an objective listener, I can identify tracks that need to be enhanced, shortened, lengthened, or even cut to benefit the overall song.


As a studied musician in composition, I can add more texture to one song giving it a unique flavor.

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