Chaz McKinney
Musician, Producer / Engineer Nashville, TN, United States

I work full-time in Nashville as a writer, producer, programmer, arranger, and vocalist. During the day time my efforts are devoted to crafting sync-specific pop, R&B, hip hop, jazz, indie rock, CCM, J-pop, and K-pop for a variety of artists, publishers, and film/TV networks. My nights are spent gigging for and producing my solo project, Spazz Cardigan.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, I am quick, efficient, and promise a radio-ready product you'll be satisfied with.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Arranging, Producer


I'll provide a radio-ready, clean, and spacious mix — up to industry standards and according to your specifications — within 48 hours of your order. I can mix as many tracks as you need; my background is primarily in dense orchestral work and in sparse rhythmic tunes, anything in between is doable. Each mix is $150 per track.


Within 48 hours I'll return a radio-ready master, up to industry standards. Loud enough to punch, but dynamic enough yet to be engaging to listen to. Using an in-house rig I've crafted over 4 years of acquiring the right gear, I promise a master that blends seamlessly in with your favorite artist's catalogues sonically. Each master is $50 per track.


One of my favorite uses of time in the studio is throwing myself into layers upon layers of background vocals. A lifetime of gospel choir and musical theater — road-tested by Nashville session work — have given me a unique flavor in arranging, recording, and finalizing background vocal and string arrangements across a wide spectrum of genres.

Within 3 days, I'll flesh out the vision of your existing song by curating background vocals or string arrangements according to your vision and direction. I'll record a variety of singers in my local area to give your work the texture it deserves and to provide a unique product. $100 per track.

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