Christian Carrière
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I'm a Montreal, Canada-based sound engineer, producer, musician, composer, sound artist. I've worked in recording studios, mastering studios, tv stations mixing for live broadcast, on tv and film sets doing production audio, in post-production mixing and/or composing music and/or doing sound design, and on more conceptual art projects for gallery sound installations.

I've always loved sound and I consider myself lucky to be able to earn a living working on audio and music in all sorts of ways.

You can see/hear all my past work on my website :


Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Producer


I use a hybrid of digital and analog when mixing. I generally mix in Reaper, use certain plugins, but also use a beautiful Sony MPX-2000 console (1980s) as a summing mixer and as a way to use some outboard gear in the mix (tape echo, plate reverb and lots of great pedals). I've worked in recording studios, mastering studios, tv stations (mixing bands for broadcast) and location sound for documentary productions.

I'm very versatile. I have a big picture view of how audio works in the world. I'm flexible and focused. Let me know if I can help you with your project.


I worked in two different professional mastering studios (db Recording Systems in Ottawa and SNB Mastering in Montreal). I have a keen ear for what's needed to balance out the different tracks on an album. I use the TL Audio 5052 (with brand-new Preferred Series tubes), along with other compressors to sweeten and finalize a mix.


Aside from having about 20 years of experience in editing music audio, I also worked for an audiobook production house for years. I'm very comfortable doing micro-editing or cutting between takes, etc.
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