Damien Grelier
Musician, Producer / Engineer Paris, France


Services: Mixing, Editing, Arranging, Producer


Editing Tracks is an important job before mixing.
It will be precious time saving and you will ear a real difference before and after.

what does it consist of?

- Optimizes tracks for mixing
-Can remove certain errors from recordings
-Alters waveforms to be more fluid with the song and/or its musical context
- Provides flexibility for workflows
- Reduces mixing time if chosen to perform separately
- Targets all instruments and tracks including vocals, drums, bass, guitars
- Can be used for creating samples and loops, or arranging of tracks
- Will improve audio quality before post production processing

You can hear some productions I have worked on here :

You can contact me if you have any question or request.


I am a musician too. I studied music at the conservatory and I have a diploma of end of study mention very well. I play cello, drums and bass very well and have have some notion in piano and guitars.

I know perfectly well Ableton Live, protools and I work with virtual instrument too.

So I can help you for arranging your music and I can work on your production to add some keys, drums, percussion, sound effects.

You can hear my work by listening to this group I work with :

You can contact me if you have any question or request.
  • Damien did a great job, was an excellent communicator and delivered the files quickly and efficiently.
    I will most certainly be using him again for more analog summing!

    Thanks again!
  • I enjoyed working with Damien! good communication and relaxed. I asked for a photo of the gear (as suggested in the FAQ), he was kind enough to provide me one along with a recent newspaper.
    My song, which I recorded with modest equipment, became more alive after the summing.
    Recommended! Awesome!