Dennis Konstantinidis
Musician, Producer / Engineer Thessaloniki, Greece

Hi I am a session musician - composer and also Producer Sound engineer based in Thessaloniki Greece I worked on several releases ( Rock , Metal , Hip Hop , Folk) over the years including sound post production for Tv and Radio.I offer recording Real instrumentation for music on demand but also Studio services such as mixing stem mastering. I mix both in the box and out of the box using an analog Trident console my DAW is Logic i have apogee and motu converters and i also have a wide set of microphones and guitar amps.

Services: Mixing, Editing, Arranging, Producer, Studio


I work on Logic 9 64 bit on snow leopard i use waves plugins and mix on a Trident 65 series console in great working condition and i mix hybrid using both plugins and analog console eq. I record my 2 track with an Apogee Duet and route my outputs to the console through a motu 24 IO. Feel free to ask me any details on the services i provide.


Multitrack drum quantization, Vocal correction , multi mic phase alignment and correction, guitar and bass reamp.


I arrange guitars and vocals and have arranged brasses for brass ensemblles on reggae music but i work creatively with bass lines and loops. I tend to create vocal arrangements that can describe and sort of "explain" the songs harmony in accapella mode.Therefore i end up with very rich vocal arrangements having in mind that vocals, are the most important layer of the music most of the times. Guitar wise i myself am a child of the grunge 90s scene but usually i approach rock music in it's entirety from a songwriters point of view

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