Dillon Holder
Student, Producer / Engineer

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Producer


I have been mixing for a few years now, and use a mix between hardware inserts such as the LA-2A or the 1176, and many plugins made by Waves, Universal Audio, and more. I mix in Pro Tools, but also have experience mixing in Logic. I sometimes mix using an SSL 4000 desk to give it that extra analog flavor. And since I am an artist myself, I feel I can bring a creative aspect to your mix to make it unique.


I master using multiple hardware inserts, including the API 2500 and the SSL Master Buss Compressor. In Pro Tools, I like to use Izotope's Ozone 7, as well as some FabFilter plugins and more. Similar to my mixing, I can promise your master will stand out from the crowd.

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