Foerster Media
Producer / Engineer Flensburg, Germany

Hi there,
We have a small home studio located in Flensburg, Germany.

We record, mix and master music since 6 years, mostly local underground Hip-Hop/ Rap artists.

Our main DAW is Cubase 8.5 we also use Ableton Live. 8.

We are working complete "in the Box" .

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging


We mix your Audio stems to one piece of musical magic and improve the overall Quality.
Our most fav. Genre is Hip-Hop / r n b / Rap / Boom-Bap Instrumentals.

File Specs:
- File Format: Wav. FLAC or Aiff. at 16-32bit und 44.1 kHz
- max. Peak Level ~ -3dBfs
- Please do not use any Kind of Plugin on your master channel


We make your Track sounding great at any medium without loosing it´s dynamic.
Should it sound vintage, modern, wide, oldschool or loud & punchy ?

You decide whats going on.


We also repair Audio tracks.
If you got some noise, popps, hum,clicks or whatever in your recording we´re try to fix it.


You need help to arrange your Track ?
No Problem we glue everything together.

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