Footprint Productions
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio Johannesburg, South Africa

Recording studio in SA��

In Advertising,TV & Music industry.

State of the art equipment to meet your Recording, Mixing & Mastering needs!

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Studio


We offer hybrid mixing. We can do mixing in and out the box. We run Pro tools HD, Logic X & Ableton. We have Waves Mercury, All Slate plugins, Izotope(almost all of them) aswell as a Solid State Logic AWS & Matrix which are able to utilize all the hardware units we have.


We do Hybrid mastering using plugins and hardware.
Hardware(Some of it): Solid State AWS 924(with the legendary Bus Compressor), SSL Matrix. Tegeler Audio Pultec Stereo EQ, Jolly Roger Stereo Compressor, ART Pro VLA II Stereo Compressor, DBX 160X Compressors.
Plugins: Waves Mercury, Slate everything bundle. Izotope Ozone 8.


We offer the following editing:
1. Vocal editing for voice overs.
2. Removing breaths from vocal tracks.
3. Running tracks through Eqs, Compressors and other hardware as requested.
4. Running tracks through effect processors.
5. Running Midi through keyboards and Midi hardware units.
6. Re amping guitars through our amp collection using multiple microphones.

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