Fujimitei Studio
Nakameguro, Japan

Fujimitei Studio provides sound coloration for your great music production by using massive selection of vintage gears.
Fairchild 670, 602 are early "Red logo".
Pultec EQP1A are vintage original Rev.1, 2, and 3.
(Rev.1 and 3 are stereo matched pair)
Motown EQ matched pair.
Pye 4060 matched pair.
Original vintage Helios 69, and F760 matched pair.
Universal Audio 175b matched pair.
Great vintage collections of 1176 Rev.B, C, D, and F.
(B and C are matched pair)
Massive vintage collecctions of Neve 2087, 32264, 2254. 33609(metal knob), and 81069 are selectable op amps BA440, BA512(from BBC), and stock BA640.
1064(s) with Yellow label Marinair, 1066(s) with Gardner round trafo(!), 1073(s) with Black Marinair are also matched pair.
Sontec 430B, and 432C... etc.
We have more vintage gears for you to add sparkles.
Please ask any questions!

Services: Mastering


If you need final touch of vintage gears right before mixing/mastering,
we are here.
Our massive colections of vintage gears are all original,
and very, very taken care of.
Please touch the real tone.
Any questions are my presure.
Please touch the real tone.

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