Fulvio Federico Farina
Student, Producer / Engineer Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fulvio is a young engineer based in the Netherlands, where he works and lives since few years after relocating from Australia, where he started moving his first steps in the recording business at the legendary REC Studios in Sydney (formerly Level 7 Studios and a 301 facility). He quickly moved from making coffees to the control room, eventually starting to run his own sessions and engineering notably for producers Ryan Miller, Craig Willson and Ross Ferraro.

After relocating in the Netherlands he quickly got involved in the local music scene again, working in facilities like IJland Studio, Wisseloord Studios and Studio Arnold Muhren. He also co-founded and runs Fourtwenty Records, an independent label that is quickly establishing itself as an important player of the local Dutch and European indie music scene.

As a producer / engineer, Fulvio aims to maximise the emotional impact of his clients music. He believes that a good record is firstly a good performance, captured in the best way possible without relying too much on the easy short cuts available now in the digital realm but rather trusting the techniques developed over the decades for real music creation.

Services: Mixing, Studio

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