Kimura Recordings
Student, Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio Lees summit, United States

Kimura Recordings specializes in recording, mixing, and mastering rock & metal music of all sizes. Gabe is a multi-instrumentalist and has over 15 years of experience in the music industry from playing in Tribunal Record's "From The Shallows" to a remote mentorship with Ultimate Recording Machines Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandra, We Came As Romans), Eyal Levi (Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red), and Joel Wanasek (Machinehead, Trapt, Phinehas). Gabe's sound would be described as a clean, articulate, energetic, and organic wall of sound. If you are looking to shape your tracks into modern works of energy, and clarity fill out a quote today!

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer, Studio


Jamie King, meets Joey Sturgis would be the way I would describe my style. I like to create a larger than life sound with my mixes while maintaining as organic a sound as possible. I always start out by asking for 2-3 records that encompass the sound you are shooting for sonically. I will purchase the highest quality format I can of those records to have the highest quality references for your mix. Clarity, cleanliness, aggression, size, and width are characteristics that I naturally work towards while mixing a track. Some of my go to tools for mixing are my Kemper Profiling amp for guitars, my IGS S-Type Buss compressor, my Warm Audio TB12, my Golden Age Pre-73. If you have midi drums I have an extensive library to pull from to achieve the sound you are going for. Hundred's of plugins for processing are at my arsenal as well to help shape the character of your tracks.


I do not have an exhaustive list of high quality hardware mastering gear available, but the saying "it's the gear, not the ear" applies to my approach with mastering. I can certainly achieve the volume, a polish, and improved translation with the tools I do have for your tracks. I mix through a mastering chain to help ensure the mix translates well in the mastering phase. If you enjoy the work I have linked to it was mastered by myself, and should help you gauge if my mastering services are for you or not.

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