Premium Blend Mixing
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio Vienna, Austria

My name is Harald Illeditsch and I am the founder of Premium Blend Mixing. I offer mixing and mastering services as well as recording and producing services out of my studio in Vienna.

I studied piano at the Music University of Vienna in Austria. A few years later I went to New York to get a diploma in audio engineering. Since then I work closely with industry veteran Michael White of the MPG Music Production School.

My education in classical music strongly influences my mixing and mastering work. Because of years of training in critical listening I am able to concentrate on detail in music that some others might overhear.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer, Studio


in mixing my first goal is to make your vision a reality. I am here to make happen what you hear in your head.
Because of my classical education i am able to listen critically and concentrate on details others might overhear.


As a mastering engineer I am the first neutral set of ears on your project. After working on a song for quite a while and getting so many different inputs from different people working on the project, you need someone with a new set of ears who can listen to your songs without bias. I am your first sounding board. I am here to transfer your mix to the best of my abilities to the different platforms we use today for music playback. I work with you to realise your dream.


From difficult edits for classical piano recordings all the way to vocal editing and pitch correction, I am your man.


I've been aranging all kinds of music for over 15 years now. I am a music lover. I feel at home in many genres. If you are stuck with your music let me help you.

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