Jan Ruzicka
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio Prague, Czech Republic

The SOLANGE studio is an audio recording studio founded on the concept that each project is a distinct opportunity to facilitate the creation of something unique. Whether it be an album, single song, radio advertisement, jingle, or final mix of your project.

The SOLANGE is a pure ONLINE RECORDING STUDIO, located in Prague, The Czech Republic. Please send us your ideas via email, and our work will be ready for you, on our cloud solution. IT´S EASY - just download it. We specialize in music production of all genres, for "all kinds of sound colours". We also have the capability to produce sound for your film, or theathre projects.

When you need to compose a brand new song, jingle or need arranging for your music, please don´t hasitate to contact us.
... and honestly speaking, we would be glad, if - you do it immediatelly :)



Services: Mixing, Editing, Producer, Studio

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