Jay Hundert
Musician, Producer / Engineer Reith im Alpbachtal, Austria

I am a Rock and Indie Producer with my own retro Studio based in Tyrol (Austria). The Studios center piece is a 8 Channel recording desk by Tree Audio - The Roots. Outboard gear includes Manley Massive Passive, Maag, Slate Dragons, La2a, Rupert Neve MBP, Avalon, Chandler Mini Rack Mixer.... The Studio is also home of many vintage Guitars from 60ties and 70ties by brands like Gibson, Gretsch, Fender, Rickenbacker etc.

Due to my vast collection of characteristic studio gear and my love for, lets call it "That Analog Sound", I have become the "Go to Guy" in analog Mastering for a fast growing niche of Bands, Producers and Music Lovers. Especially when it comes to Mixing and Mastering von VINYL! This is where you can make a huge difference.


Bands I have mixed and Mastered:

White Miles
Liquid Steel
Eastwood Haze
The Yelling Lions
The Pigeon Boys
Divine Line
The Westsides
Tree Style
Bob Cat
Math Paul
My Fearless Friend

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer, Studio


As a full time Producer and Mixer, I have more than 120 Mixing Credits of international touring Acts and helped them to get more attention by finding a very unique sound and mix. I believe it is important to be a trend setter and stand out of the masses of releases with a unique mix. I do about 80% of a mixes with my High End analog gear witch is centered around my custom made Tubeconsole "The Roots" by Tree Audio but also own and use "Soundmachines" as LA2A, Chandler Mini Rack Mixer, Neve Tape, Massive Passive, Maag Air EQ, Slate Dragon and many more....

I am known to be the Guy to work with if you are in need to get a mix that:

Will bring out the best of your song,
A Mix that will elevate yours from the dull mass of releases
And a Mix that will be interesting for Bloggers, Reviewers, Radio Station and the music media in general.

Please finde some of my work on my Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/1193859158/playlist/77okflDUsO5hff3tBBpyvn


If you are looking for a Analogue Master with lots of mojo and vibe , me and my gear are ready to deliver a strong and punchy Master with lots of of Analogue Flair. Please let me know what you are looking for and I will deliver!


As I full time producer I am also a problem solver and gained a lot of knowledge regarding editing flaws and mistakes in recordings . I specialize in pimping Drum, Vocal, Guitar and Bass tracks.


Bands hire me as a Producer because I will work with them on their Songs, develop a concept regarding approach of the recording, the overall sound an also coach them regarding music business contracts and Direct To Fan Marketing . I am one of the last Producers that will develop Bands and Artists and work with you on your career for many years. I own a retro Studio based in Tyrol (Austria). The Studio is based in the middle of a small Village opposite of a skiing slope and 5 minutes per foot to a bathing lake. We do have great bars and restaurants within 5 minutes walking distance. The studio also has a 3 bedroom flat with a new living room and kitchen available on request. I am happy to assist with all requests regarding studio, spare time, travel planing and I am a great host just to hang out. The Mixing and Overdup Room has a nice living room feel with direct exit to a nice garden with old trees - great for small breaks. Be my guest: www.studiohundert.com
  • Jay did a great job!
  • Gentle, smooth compression was my goal. Absolutely got it.
    Lovely machine, enhanced my sound. Also Jay is a good guy
    replied fast to messages and the whole process was fast.
  • My task was to make an analog mastering of electronic music and we decided it very well and at a good price. Very pleased with the patience and courtesy with which the engineer took into account my wishes, and we have achieved the desired result. Anyone who loves and appreciates the vintage sound of analogue highly recommend!!
  • Another one great job with Jay Hundert is finished
  • Exactly what I hoped for and more. Great work.