Kiwi Audio
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio Batavia, IL, United States

Kiwi Audio is the brainchild of owner / operator Brad Showalter. Designed by Jeff Hedback of HDAcoustics, the studio has been built from the ground up almost solely by Brad and his dad Kurt. “Jeff and I spent a few months in the discovery phase combing through studio websites, pictures and the like. Early on I gave Jeff almost complete creative control on the design. Since Jeff has spent years as a session player and designer, I wanted him to design something he was truly proud of with as few restraints as possible.”

Located on 124 acres of working farmland the surroundings offer a unique setting that many other studios can’t offer. Space and privacy. The full service recording studio located in Batavia, IL features large rooms (by private studio standards). The tracking room at 570 ft.2 has 14′ ceilings. 2 ISO rooms, and a world-class control room.

Services: Mixing, Editing, Studio


Mixing music is an evolving industry. We are constantly in a flux between mixing "in the box" and mixing on a console. At Kiwi, we do both. Our console has some serious mods done to it to allow greatest flexibility when mixing while imparting some extremely welcomed tone.


Editing is an art. It must sound natural and musical. There is nothing more annoying that hearing bad edits on major releases. Whether its drum aligning, guitar re-amping or vocal comping and tuning...let us help. You won't be dissapointed.

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