Legacy Studio Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Legacy Studio, based in the Netherlands, combines epic gear from the past with the digital perfection of today. Our experienced engineers have worked on a range of domestic and international projects and know every item of our gear inside and out. Try our ASP service today.


  • Legacy Studios provides a greate sevice for ASP! The Neve really brings out the ambiance in the keys and I am a very happy customer.
  • I love the concept and the results! My only suggestion is adding the ability to book a signal path from a studio instead of just one piece of gear at a time.
  • Fantastic job!!! Thank you so much!
  • SUPER!!!
  • Fabulous sounding piece of kit! I think I actually favour the BX-10 over the BX-20 for some reason. It just made my guitars that much more dark and interesting. Thanks Legacy!