LB-Mastering Studios
Producer / Engineer Virginia Beach, VA, United States

LB-Mastering Studios, LLC is a professional mastering and audio mixing studio located in Virginia Beach,VA. We specialize in providing the best high quality/fidelity CD mastering and mixing services to local and online artists. Our experience in audio mixing and mastering allow us to provide outstanding audio services at affordable prices.
Luis Berrios is a veteran engineer / producer who has worked in countless productions throughout P.R, U.S and overseas, and continues to work for independent artists and labels. A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico and the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico with a degree in Music Education and Composition, Luis has spent the last 35 years honing his craft which is, music recording.
GRAMMY Winner – Marc Anthony – Contra La Corriente - 1998.
GRAMMY Nominee – Jerry Rivera – Con Cara De Nino - 1993.
GRAMMY Nominee – 123 Con Andres – En Espanol Y En Ingles - 2015
As well as numerous Billboard and Gold albums.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Producer, Studio


LB-Mastering Studios can provide the expertise and experience that your music needs prior to Mastering with our audio mixing service. It takes a great mix to create an excellent master. Our prices include elimination of unwanted audio within tracks, such as talking, loud breaths, pops, instrument and vocal noises before and after takes. All unwanted noise between the tracks will be cleaned up at no extra charge. Other audio mixing and mastering studios charge extra for that!


LB-Mastering Studios provides CD Mastering and Mixing Services. We provide you with the option to either upload your project, or to send a CD or DVD to our Studio. At LB-Mastering Studio you will always have the opportunity to speak to your Engineer, no matter where you are in the world. If you required an attendance session, please contact us to schedule a visit to our studio.
CD Mastering is the final step your music takes before it is manufactured. It takes talent and experience to bring out all the potential of your mixes. Our engineer at LB-Mastering Studios has over 33 years of experience in music recording, mixing and mastering.
CD Mastering can make the difference between a "good" song and a "great" song. Mastering offers an objective professional ear to your music. It also provides a new perspective, which perhaps is the most important function of a Mastering Engineer. CD Mastering is the last stop in the last stop in the line of audio quality control.

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